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NextGen Ensemble

Ensemble video featuring all of the NextGen cast members.


Aaron talks about the 2008 recession and the difficulty in finding a a decent job and how a career in E&S insurance has provided him the stability to have a family.


Caroline talks about a career in E&S insurance where she can be creative, enjoy her life outside of the office and build friendships.


Danielle talks about not knowing how she would support herself with a theater degree and how a career in E&S insurance has turned out to be lucrative and stable.


Kelly talks about how a career in E&S insurance has provided her the ability to pursue her enjoyment of travel. Both by the territory she covers and the financial stability to travel abroad.


Ronnie talks about how a career in E&S insurance lets him have his own style, pursue his hobbies and work in the emerging cannabis market.


Shanna talks about how she loved music but knew she didn’t want to be a starving artist. A career in E&S insurance has provided her financial stability and a platform to create a not for profit that benefits women in the wholesale insurance industry.

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